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1. The most gorgeous accent ever
2. Some of the nicest guys i've ever met
3. Have fukin strong livers!
4. Pro golfers....well all the ones i met
I bloody love my irish
i cant wait to go out with the irish's again
Fergal is one fit irish
by Mir March 18, 2005

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The Kentucky born publisher of the well known porno magazine "Hustler", also famous for winning a supreme court case against the fat and moronic reverend jerry fallwell.
Larry Flynt is a P.I.M.P!
by mir April 29, 2004

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1.A Russian made space station that crashed and burned to Earth a few years back.
2. a nickname for people with the names; Miranda or Miriam
Did you see the Mir fall from heaven?
by Mir July 30, 2004

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A hard candy commonly consumed by elderly people.
My Grandpa Loves his butterscoth!
by Mir July 30, 2004

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