A disgusting combination of flavors that some maniacs enjoy.
Mint Chocolate was invented after someone put toothpaste on a Hershey's bar.
by Walasqueegee August 10, 2020
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Mint Chocolate Chip is one the varieties of flavors in certain brands of Ice Cream. It is often characterized by it's distinct green color, along with chocolate bits in the ice cream, and tastes much like mint with chocolate, similar to a peppermint patty.

It is also known for being a popular brand of ice cream for people to make, brandishing it as a popular homemade ice cream.
Excuse me sir, what flavor would you like again?

I would enjoy a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip please.
by The Shady Slickster July 01, 2009
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You take a dump in a girls mouth, then after that, you cum in her mouth and make her squish it around in her mouth. Then you slap her in the back of her head and she will spit it up and when it comes out of her mouth, it will look like Mint chocolate because the cum is white, and the shit is dark or green.
my girlfriend wanted to get a mint chocholate swirl at starbucks but i had a better mint chocolate swirl in mind
by rick James6969 December 29, 2008
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The situation you find yourself in when you realize how nasty people would look jerking off.
Kelsey: I will never be able to think about Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream again.
by Thee Elite Three April 10, 2008
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When a person gets mint chocolate chip ice cream, puts it on their female friends pussy, and eats her out.

Caution doing this may cause head and pussy freeze
Billy bob- what did you do last night?
Eduardo- oh I mint chocolate clit a girl.
Billy bob- did you get a brain freeze?
Eduardo- nope but she sure got a pussy freeze.
by Fortman0000000000000009 January 30, 2011
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when a guy shits in a girls mouth, adds minty toothpaste for flavor, and then makes out with her!
Ray gave his girlfriend a mint chocolate chip last night.
by Anna Rexic696969 April 04, 2006
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