The illest playa ever. He has all the diamond swords and console commands.
Guy 1- Its ya boy
Guy 2- Whom'st'd is my boy
Guy 1- Dj Minecraft
Guy 2- WTF
by TheBaronOfReality August 23, 2017
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Fortnite: Made for school F******* lovers
ROBLOX: Made for people who can't find a b****** place to date.
Minecraft: LITERAL FOR A**** F***** NERDS
10 year old classmate: I love fortnite! and School!
a 12 year old: I play roblox cuz my GF is nagging me for a place to date.
another 10 year old: Atoms are mostly mentioned in minecraft!
Everyone: Forget Fortnite and Roblox and Minecraft Call of duty OPS it out!
me: Oh S*** Im up for it.
by RUNRUNRUNRUN April 01, 2021
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A satirical twist on the popularized phrase "Fortnite bad Minecraft good"

It is NOT meant to be used unironically or taken seriously but rather to poke fun of those that use the original phrase. It's basically just another way to say "who cares really?"
Me: Fortnite Good Minecraft Bad
Reddit hivemind: *gets out the downvote machine gun*
Me: Jeez people, who cares really...
by UltimateDoge September 24, 2021
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She’s cool and like minecraft. But if you get in the wrong side of her she will pent u out of excistance. They think uwu is somethings deffo not. She’s awesome and want to be architect she probs the bestie you’ve been missing out on. She loves riverdale and pretty little liars.
Yo who’s that?

Obvs Hannah minecraft u don’t have one uwu
by Bkxigz April 19, 2021
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