a shortened name for a miniature pincher
I took my Min Pin for a walk this morning
by mini8 August 18, 2009
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Someone who thinks they are a kingpin in the streets but really are only the king of the bus stop corner selling dime bags of weed.

Can be someone who tried to say they got the best drugs but they are overpriced
This mofuckin min pin just sold my cousin a dime of shwagg
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skeetz- 1. A nickname created by a man for himself.
2. See also skeetz.
min-pin- 1. A breed of dog; greater than a chihauhua lesser than a bulldog.
2. A slang term for the male human;see "dawg"

skeetz min-pin- 1. A male human dawg, skeetz.
That bulldog "lippyfied" skeetz min-pin.
That skeetz min-pin, ran off with my bone.
She was jaded by the one and only skeetz min-pin!
by Lippyfied March 26, 2008
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