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A small town in NJ, filled with a bunch of drunk irish catholics. This may be the most racist town in NJ. at one point, Milltown had a sign that said "Welcome to milltown, don't let the sun set on your black ass." today there are about 5 black families in milltown. There are only two schools. the high school kids have to go to a whole other town, which is ten times worse then Milltown.
by be kool March 03, 2009
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Home of Joey Heitzenroder A.K.A. Big muff on campus. everyone hates him, but he thinks otherwise. He bitches all day, and if you don't answer your phone you get a following 20 calls and texts, some say he's the last of the abominable snowmen around.
Come to milltown if you want to meet the one and only joey heitz
by Joe Tak December 30, 2011
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the gayest fucking town in the world...alll the kids there are pussys....and spotswood can out drink and out smoke them bitches
That Kid Is Hard..Nevermind He Is From Milltown
by Mc Hammered May 15, 2006
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Milltown New Jersey is a small town that is about one square mile. The last census of all the different races in Milltown is more than ten years old and is very inaccurate. Has two schools, an elementary and middle school. High school students must go to spotswood high school. Disregard other definitions that say milltown is racist, because there isn't anything to back that up. Related term: millbilly: someone who has lived in milltown for their whole life.
Milltown is a nice small town.
by Omega Juliet Bravo July 02, 2019
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1. slang term for milwaukee, wisonsin.
that fake better not step into northside milltown or he will he cap
by tharealist August 22, 2005
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Another name for the city of Camas, a small town in southern Washington. The name "Milltown" directly refers to the city's trademark, the paper mill. Associated with yuppies and being in the middle of nowhere, a few of its pride and joys include: the fact that Mel Gibson once had a house there (but left for obvious reasons), the "Papermaker" mascot of the high school (voted among the top 10 worst mascots in the nation), the Club (also known as Lacamas Swim and Sport), the Fern Prairie market, and the small man-made Lacamas Lake.
Non-Camasonian: "You're from Camas? Where the fuck is that?!"
Camasonian: "Yeah, dude. Right next to Vancouver. Milltown's where it's at!"
Non-Camasonian: "Right... You keep thinking that and I'll pretend to give a shit."
by Papermaker Pride June 01, 2011
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