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Fingering a lass with chip spice on your fingers for that little extra tingle.
If it goes well I might end up millsing her.
by Hitchy31 January 27, 2018
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To overanalyze and over-examine everyday situations (such as texts, phone calls, and relationships) to the point of anger, detachment and disinterest.

Millsing only occurs with the consumption of booze.

Millsing usually results in your friends hiding your cell phone from you to avoid making an ass out of yourself. This is a mechanism used to prevent any kinds of text temptation.
Friend 1: "We've been seeing each other for a while. Why aren't we dating yet? Maybe she won't date me because I'm usually available for her. Maybe it's because I'm not a mystery. Maybe I should stop texting her. I don't care now. I'm not dating anymore."
Friend 2: "Stop millsing."

Friend 1: "She responded with 'Ha'. What the hell does 'Ha' mean? Is she throwing hints or is she being a sarcastic bitch? Whatever, I'm over her. I'll start dating giraffes instead; they'll probably be easier to interpret."
Friend 2: "That's just what old people say because they think it's ok. Stop millsing."
by doubledees March 08, 2014
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