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1. When you jizz all over a girl and make her body look like just showered with milk

2. When a girl is showered with pure milk

Milkanize is a verb
Milkanization(process)/Milkanize (the action of doing it) is a noun

Milkanized is the adjective

Have fun with milkanize : when a girl licks jizz of a guy on another girl.
Verb : Milkanize

Girl : are you ready to cum?
Boyfriend : yeah I am, hold on I am gonna milkanize you in a bit.


Milkanization is a process when a girl is getting showered by jizz


Just go and get a milkanize (pour jizz all over )


ah.! amy, the milkanized girl.! love her.
by Professor Addis Ababa June 08, 2017
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