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an expression used by an asocial person who joined facebook just for the heck of it or maybe peer pressure but repeatedly deactivates his account as he is depressed by the prevalent dumbfucksia in facebook which throttles his creativity and sanity.

what one does outta frustration when repeated cold-fingering on facebook is just not enough to show the people who come up with idiotic or melodramatic status that they are just being morons.
KD's new status reads "Gonna stay alone 4rm now on.... than laugh with da people who hate you but acts like dey love you"..dude,cant take this melodrama anymore .i am so outta facebook again! or m gonna jump off the roof..
by fossilgrl June 02, 2011

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To have drastic weight loss when your diet regime consists of mainly milk,specially for people who cant do without milk .Instead of going vegan you go milkan .
Rita wanted to lose weight and she went on a milkan diet since she could not figure out her boyfriend's vegan obsession.
by fossilgrl May 08, 2011

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