The act of being very slow at some kind of thing trying to achieve their objective
Noel: You can't beat my high score on that game! You're barely even milimetering up the leaderboard.
Dan: Soon enough i'll be number 1
by Omega Hood May 11, 2022
a man whos penis is 3 milimeters...FROM THE GROUND! YUH!
Dad: Hey, careful not to trip on that milimeter peter.
Son: You got it dad!
by YUH! June 27, 2004
a dude with a very small pee-pee that tries to front that he has a BIG one...but doesn't (-__-)
Danny: Hi, wanna fawk?
Chick: No.
Danny: Wai =O
Chick: What's there to fuck? Your one-milimeter peter?
Danny: ...Yes =*(
Chick: You got a little one, darling.
Danny: *starts cuttin' himself*
Chick: Silly rabbit.
by Michellers February 23, 2009