3 definitions by Omega Hood

The act of being very slow at some kind of thing trying to achieve their objective
Noel: You can't beat my high score on that game! You're barely even milimetering up the leaderboard.
Dan: Soon enough i'll be number 1
by Omega Hood May 11, 2022
When you appreciate something false or described as "cap" which is a shortened version of "that's crap" or "that's untrue".
It's a mix between word cap and appretiation.

Maybe used if you disagree with a statement but understand and appreciate the idea or take.
Linkonti: America is cool
Noel: I have cappretiation for that statement
Shein: Can you shshsh?? I'm trying to eat my sandwhich
by Omega Hood February 22, 2022
When you have the audacity to say something extremely wrong or "cap" as the word says.
Noel: Mr. Narrator has the serious capicity to say that the president commited election fraud
Shein: Ikr
by Omega Hood February 25, 2022