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The ultimate woman. Usually tall, and curvy in all the right places. Beautiful eyes, cute pouty lips, and the most beautiful smile that'll make you melt. The sexiest Slavic girl. Incredibly intellectual, and the kindest soul. A fantastic sense of humour, and always knows when the appropriate time is to be a sassy bad-ass bitch. The only problem you'll have with her is that you don't spend enough time with her.
Guy 1: shittttt, who's that girl over there?

Guy 2: her name's Milica, but dude, she's way out of your league.

Guy 1: yeah, she's a goddess!
by Serbguywhoknows April 23, 2016
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The most wonderful girl you will ever meet . She's beautiful inside and out . Every guy has had a secret crush on her at some point of their life . Who could blame them after all her amazing personality and gorgeous face that hypnotizes you and makes you fall in love with her in an instant . She's generally tall and athletic . She's a total package. Beautiful eyes and kissable lips . The best part about her is her intelligence . She is so damn smart .The sexiest woman alive . She's a sex monster and can rock your world . If you want to hook up with a babe and have a good time ,go find yourself a milica.
Guy 1: who's that girl you're dating again? The beautiful one ? Guy 2: oh you mean milica?

Guy 1 : You're so fucking lucky , she's so cool .damn man I'm so jealous , I wish I had a girlfriend as beautiful and sexy as yours .
Guy1: I know what can I say ...
by Damnimhot August 29, 2012
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An ancient Serbian name, origin mila + lica, meaning dear face, pretty face, sweet face, a face that's nice to look at. People also use it to call their romantic partners or children, no matter what their real names are.

In reality these poor good-looking women are attracted to men who are good-looking but very selfish. They sap all sweetness Milicas are capable of providing and then make them very unhappy and leave them. Milicas continue their mission of bringing happiness to people around them, as their name promises, but nobody bothers to make them happy in return.

Also, people around the world get the pronunciation all wrong: it's Mili-TZ-a, or Mili-ZZ-a, using the same sound as in Pi-ZZ-a. NEVER pronounce it as Mili-K-a, it's annoys the shit out of these beautiful women.

When you talk to a Milica, you should call her MilicE, because of the use of Serbian cases. When you talk about a Milica, that's when you say Milica without and E at the end.
Oh your baby is so cute, such a milica!

MilicE, will you call me tomorrow?

She is such a dear person that no wonder her name is Milica.

She was such a Milica to him, and yet the douche just broke her heart.
by samojed February 16, 2010
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Slavic (Serbian, Montenegrin) name derived from the element “mil” meaning "gracious, sweet, kind, dear ".

In reality there is a curse attached to this name making a woman Milica appear alluring, innocent, sweet and seductive to both sexes while actually being a true, powerful, heartbreaking witch. Always sweet and feminine, she shows her true side only when you get close enough to really get to know her, and at that point it’s too late to get away.

Princess Milica Petrović-Njegoš was a Montenegrin princess. Milica and her sister Anastasia were socially very influential at the Russian imperial court in the early 20th century. Nicknamed jointly "the black peril" they were interested in the occult. They are discredited with introducing first a mystic named Philippe, and then (with graver consequences) Grigori Rasputin to the Imperial family.
person1: Who are you dating now?
person2: I’m dating this girl Milica. She is so sweet, sexy and beautiful. I'm gonna marry her.
person1: RUN,MAN!!! Save yourself!!! You don’t know who she really is!!!
person2: You are just jealous!
person1: I am, man; I am. Milica is gorgeous.
by theforgottenone July 03, 2009
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most likely to have brown hair, thicccc brows and nice lips. usually a fashion student. thinks she is failing at life when in reality she is not, probably going to sell her body tho- she hates people who’s names start with j but loves them if they start with m or g
wow milica is such a fashion icon
by mmcloutguys February 02, 2019
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Biggest slut out, everyone hates her and she’s ugly as fk.
Jake- “ewwww is that milica
Jacob-“ ewww it’s milicaaa”
by Chccccytxuvjj May 20, 2019
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