Milda is a pretty chill person to talk with and is very weird at time which is enjoyable because there’s always some new to find out about her. She’s kinda shy but easily becomes comfortable around you once she gets to know you. She’s also pretty tall, very sarcastic, cute , funny and cool.
Hey it’s Milda!
by JeremiahRdz05 July 3, 2021
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Extremely hot Lithuanian girl from the city of Panevėžys.
Hey, isn't it that hot girl from Lithuania? Yeah, it is Milda.
by asian motherfucker November 9, 2010
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milda is a lithuanian name of a girl. milda used to be ancient lithuanians godess of love. it's a pretty name, though.
april used to be called the month of milda.
by shaxxx August 25, 2006
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One of the whoriest people alive. Has to have sex at least 3 times a week. Will steal your boyfriend if she thinks you are better than she is.
My boyfriend left me for a Milda! Whyyyy.
by Word2urmom January 2, 2008
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Milda - Lithuanian Goddess of Love. Very supportive, kind and artsy girl.
Milda, don't fall in love too easily.
by 123Go! November 22, 2021
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