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Milani is a beautiful and wonderful girl. People are always jealous of her and so they try to bring her down by telling lies. You're lucky if she is your friend.
That girl is such a Milani!
by lalalalalalalalalal243t5y64 August 02, 2011
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She is a wonderful girl with such a contagious smile, she will make you happy every day. Her laugh is contagious and will make you laugh too. If you ever become friends or even date a girl named Milani, don’t let her go. She is always there for you when you need her. She will also love you dearly if you are together. Don’t lose a Milani, she’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Damn Milani is so funny !”
by Skrimp_Julian18 April 22, 2018
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Milani. Milani is a hoe that typically goes for felons. Due to her wanting to bring out the "bad" in herself, she goes after the guys who have been to jail in order to keep her social status of being a "bad bitch". She loves to be a freak when no one is looking. She won't admit to anyone what she says to her guys but we all know that she loves to be a felon's girl. Milani is one of a kind. She makes some stupid comments some times because all of her felons have rubbed off on her.
Look at that girl over there, such a Milani, she probably has 3 felons in her room right now.
by Susanaaaaaa February 16, 2018
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1. a male that identifies as a bisexual, but is clearly a homosexual.
2. derived from a blue nail polish worn by gay males that prefer to wear tight pants and engage in sexual intercourse with unattractive asian girls and promiscuous black men.
3. a gay male.
"did you see that milani that works down at the unicorn alley? he makes mad williams."

"dude, my boyfriend is totally hot but he won't have sex with me. you think he's a milani?"

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