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A trope of formulaic Western fiction: White character who, with relatively little effort, masters a skill most closely associated with the culture of another ethnic group. This skill is commonly some sort of martial art, and the White character often becomes more skilled than both his ethnic mentor and his ethnic opponent.
"Wow, look at Mighty Whitey becoming a Kung Fu master in the span of a mere sixty-second montage!"
"Amazing! Now he can go save the girl from that Evil Chinese Guy and then single-handedly beat the Other Team at the Kung Fu tournament!"
by So I says to Mabel, I says March 09, 2016
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A white person or group throwing their weight around, or abusing their authority. All the while oblivious to the implications of it when their bully group is all white and they're making decisions that adversely affect minorities.

N.B.: The group doesn't technically have to be all white, but the few minorities around them should be of the Clarence Thomas variety where they say nothing in order to protect their own position.
The Mighty Whitey and his friends didn't think twice before deciding to cut the budget for Black History month activities.
by brown girl in the ring February 22, 2011
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