American actor known for his film roles in Fruitvale Station (2013), Creed (2015), and Black Panther (2018). He also appeared on television shows such as The Wire (2002), All My Children (2003–2006), Friday Night Lights (2009–2011).
Michael B. Jordan is a good actor
by 3PACTVHD July 9, 2018
“michael b jordan is so leng

by urfavblasiangf May 29, 2022
What Brodee Floyd doesn’t have
Jhit don’t got Michael Jordan Mentality”
by BIGGERBEEF January 30, 2022
A jordan michael is a man with alot of potential but has some mental issues holding him back.he is a mixed race tall hunk man with a large penis.he often finds himself doing silly things like burning random items or going to the bathroom with animals.
A jordan michael is a patient at a phsyc ward that is named after a real mental patient named jordan michael.its the most dangerous type of patients.they often see shit not there and sexually assault the nurses.
by The ridicule September 6, 2018
Loose, poorly fitting bad jeans often with questionable tears and or wear on them like Michael Jordan is often seen wearing.
A popular meme going around states: Men be whoring around in the best years of their life, then they come back years later with receding hairlines, erectile dysfunction and Michael Jordan jeans and expect women to take them back.
by Chas Higgs May 1, 2022
When someone does all of the heavy lifting for their team, leading to a victory. Origins for the phrase date back to 2000 US Nationals when Jon Finkel nearly defeated Chris Benefal with a lone Skittering Skirge.
"That one skirge may just attack 7 times to deal 21 points of damage. That's... Michael Jordan Skirge!"
by Gamerlingo September 29, 2022
An individual who played through an era of out of prime players, and unskilled rookies. Although, for some reason he receives praise for his perfect finals record even though none of the teams that he played would be a #7 seed in today's game.
Mike: Hey I beat my 2 year old son in a 1v1
Me: lol, you are such a Michael Jordan.
by LeBron Es La Cabra July 11, 2017