The biggest legend ever! Like all legends, his was captured in the most cruel yet effective way possible. It was a sultry evening on August 22, 1922 when a shot rang out across the normally quiet valley of Beal na mBlath in West Cork, killing one of the most promising leaders in Irish history.
Before his untimely death, Collins took part in many major events in Irish history. He started out in the 1916 Easter Rising and was to later become one of the driving forces behind the War of Independence. He set up a spy network in Dublin, and "the Squad", a group which assassinated british spies. He was one of the revolutionary leaders who signed the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921. After the Irish civil war ended, Collins was ambushed by a group of irregulars(anti-treaty ira) and shot dead. Today, he is still remembered as one of Irelands greatest leaders to date.
"Mind that child. He'll be a great man yet. He'll do great things for Ireland" - Michael Collins' father on his deathbed pointing to his six-year-old son
by Alison Kelly June 11, 2007
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Used to refer to extreme levels of loneliness.

Michael Collins the astronaut. He was one of the three persons aboard on Apollo 11 crew. The other two Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got to walk on the moon, whilst Michael Collins was sitting in the command module alone. In fact, for 45 minutes, when he was on the other side of the moon which didn't face the Earth, he not only lost contact with NASA on Earth, but with both Armstrong and Aldrin, making him one of the loneliest person in human history.
Matt: I feel lonely this Valentine's Day.

Dave: You may be lonely, but not Michael Collins lonely.
by InternetHuman February 13, 2016
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Michael Collins was very good at undermining the English, but in the end, he couldn't defeat his own people.
'Northern Ireland is still English.' Michael Collins?
by Iam not Elmer Fudd June 10, 2020
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