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(Persian Name) nice, Intellectual, Extremely good looks, It is a powerful name - a force to be reckoned with, its a means to an end - a place to meet.
Lets Miad some where soon. (Persian)
by Brian1970 September 23, 2010
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Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. A small art school in Milwaukee, WI. For a school with only 600 students, it is a great art school. Located in the Downtown/3rd Ward, there's a lot nearby. Also to mention MIAD students get free bus passes in the city and free admission to a bunch of places.
If you go to MIAD chances are you will know everyone there.
by ty this January 07, 2010
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Acronym: "man in a dress". Often pronounced "MEE-yad". Attributed to trannies who make clothes do all the heavy lifting.
We had trouble sipping our coffee with straight faces as three wigged miads in their fifties walked by us.
by messenger bag blue November 21, 2009
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M.I.A.D.(pronouced as a whole word) stands for Mobile Internet Access Device.
For this field trip student will be required to bring thier M.I.A.D.'s with them to twitter their experiences.
by Vincent M. King-Spezzo February 26, 2009
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(n.) pronounced my-add, as in "my add in the newspaper" defined: A man who works 7 days a week and has no girlfriend to spend his pay checks on.
girl 1: "look, over there, who's that"
girl 2: "the guy that is covered in manly sweat? that's Miad"
girl 1: "he have a girlfriend?"
girl 2: "nope"
by not miad July 19, 2009
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