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A talented actress who first became recognized for her role in the 1968 horror movie, Rosemary's Baby. She's also been in other movies such as Alice, Another Woman, Hannah and Her Sisters, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. Recently, she was in The Omen. She was in 13 of Woody Allen's films.

She had many kids, 10 who were adopted. She had children from her relationship to Woody Allen and was the former step-mother to Frank Sinatra's three kids (one of which was older than her). Her history with all these children is often made fun of in pop culture on such shows as Family Guy.
Mia Farrow was first noticed in Rosemary's Baby. It was by far her best film!

Damn, Mia Farrow sure had an obsession with kids.
by Mikitira July 12, 2006
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