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If you are mexirican that means you are mix with mexican and puerto rican culture
my mom is mexican
my dad is puerto rican
so I am a mexirican
by Kianna Williams August 14, 2008
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Some of the hottest, coolest, and baddest Latinos that ever lived. We have the beauty from one Mexican parent (usually Mami, who's quite the knockout) and the caracta (character) of the Puerto Rican (usually Papi, who spends time knocking people out). We got a double-whammy of Latino heritage!

We love tamales and tacos and equally love lechon and 'Buela's Puerto Rican rice! We can dig Selena and also groove with Daddy Yankee. We are open to experience and will try just about anything (WTF, we were conceived out of that spirit since our parents were brave enough to hook up with someone from another Latino culture, so naturally this flows in our veins).

Our men and women are smokin' hot with huge smiles, lovely and unforgettable eyes, honey-colored skin, and rockin' bodies. We make your heart flutter and you'll always look twice at us. One you go Brown, there's no turning 'round!!
"OMG, that Mexirican totally rocked my world last night!"
by pretty_girl313 December 12, 2011
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Mexi-Rican is someone who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican decent.
Veronica's mom is Puerto Rican and her dad is Mexican, so, that makes her a Mexi-Rican.
by BoricuaMexicana June 23, 2004
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1.a person with a mexican mother and a puerto rican father who may have been born in the U.S. and speaks both english and spanish.
2.a person who does not only listen to regeton but also english music one who likes Daddy Yankee and 2pac.
look at Lexi's eyes they're grayish green and a big ol butt is she Puerto Rican? answer she's a mexi rican
by Lino Nieto April 30, 2008
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An individual of indeterminate Hispanic origin.
"Sanchez is some kinda' Mexi-Rican. I don't know where he's from, but he don't talk English too good."
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
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1. a person who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

2. cool people who have red phones!!!

3. a straight up mutt.
1. "I heard that new chick Cynthia is a hardcore Mexican."

"Say what now? I heard she's Puerto Rican, fa sho."

"Hold up, foo.....maybe she's both! She's a MexiRican!!"

2. Ay yo- I just gotta Moto KRZR Fire!

Pfft....what a MexiRican.

3. Disgusting!!! This MexiRican licked my donut. It is now completely unusable and extremely flammable.
by cyn7h14 January 27, 2009
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