Rosa es Mexicana (spanish)
Rosa is Mexican
by RodzRosa98 February 5, 2015
When 5 Mexican gentlemen are gangbanging a female freind and finish at the same time on her face.
Pedro and his buddies went all Fiesta Mexicana on Mary last night.
by Jaun Martinez Rodriguez jones January 13, 2012
1.Tabaca n.= Short for Tobacco Mexicana or Fresh Marijuana, Bud, kinebud, Juan shares with all of his amigos to the north.
2.Tabaca = Natural Herb smokes, not Marlboros.
A God given medicine
3.Tabacca = alternate spelling ; same as Marijuana.

Hey Juan pass The Tabaca Mexicana, before I lose my killer Buzz!
Hola dudes tene Tabacca?
by H.H. November 14, 2006
When a woman puts on a feces and cum filled sombrero after sexual intercourse.
Hey Juan, did you hear that Chavez gave Layla the Mexicana Pudding last night? You couldn't even see that bitch's eyes!
by T.J. LeCates March 8, 2008
Mexicana Negras R Spanish Girls Disguised As Black Girls BCuz Every1 Wanna B Black Except 4 M.J. He Jus Wanna B A Scary Movie Add (boys are considered mexicano negros)
Hassell and Nyah Are Mexicana Negras because they are from panama but they look like regular black girls
by lilkisses November 4, 2009
A mysterious creature that comes out after midnight. Will eat anyone that is drunk and lives under the elevator of tower B (Marshall Tower) in warren towers....He is fed by throwing fruits down the elevator shaft.
La Churrasca Mexicana se enconojo polque todo 'tan barachos.
by La Churrasca March 20, 2009
A person that is mixed with Black, White, Asian, Mexican (or Latino) and Indian (US Native American or Asian Indian or Middle Eastern)
Richard Simmons + Mariah Carey + Kimora Lee Simmons + Taboo (from B.E.P) + Aishwarya Rai = Mulatto-Negrasian-Mexicana-Indiana
by ___blank November 14, 2009