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the 2nd largest non-military housing complex in the united states located at the elite Boston University

Ingredients: elite eurotrash, New Jersey & New York citizens, ethnocentric asians, and an awkward/gay male population ....

Daily Life: includes constant fire drills, broken elevators and escalators, diseased waffle mix, vomitting/passing out in bathrooms and floors of your quad when you cant climb up into your lofted bed, being harassed my security when swiping into your "home", getting yelled at by the lady at the dining hall for taking more than one piece of fruit, and sitting ONLY with people of your own race at the dining hall (i.e. euro-click, asian fiestas, and white suburbanites)
"Dude... I couldn't swipe into Warren Towers last night"
"Did you remember 3 fingers on Rhett??"
"No man, I just slept on the couches next to security"
"Did you see the girl vomming in the bathroom on 6C??"
"Chea man, I watched her fall out of her lofted bed when she got back to 10B"
"Hey, that guy over there is wicked BU-hot" -Bu Student
"WTF! That guy over there with the grimy hair, playing Halo2 in the dining hall on his laptop??" -non bu student
"Chea! he's the only non-gay one here!" -BU student
by Dean Elmore November 09, 2006
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