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Chasing a shot of Tequila with a hit of weed, resulting in spinning around and knocking things over while saying "Ay yay yay!"
I was so messed up after that Mexican Tornado I threw up on everything I knocked over.
by gotomattex April 21, 2010
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A group of 5 or more mexican landscapers with blowers and rakes on the side of the road creating a Tornado of leaves for all to pass through.
You're driving down a windy sidestreet when all of the sudden everything gets all crazy. Leaves are everywhere, you can't see clearly. You hear a loud obnoxious noise You are in the eye of a mexican tornado. Drive quickly but don't hit any of the mexican landscapers.
by Bingle Bangle Tigre November 15, 2006
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A Mexican Tornado is when you're screwing a girl from behind, then pull out, ejaculate into her hair, and push her down the stairs. The twirling motion of her hair with your jiz in it while she's tumbling down the stairs is what is known as a Mexican Tornado.
"How did Maria die?"

"Well she experienced one too many Mexican Tornados."
by DoctorVahnFaustus September 09, 2008
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A mexican tornado is when you lay a women on her back with her mouth open. Pour Tequila in her mouth once it is full. Insert your penis and stir the tequila vigorously.
I am thirsty for tequila would you give me a mexican tornado.......
by Ethan Leonard August 17, 2006
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