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Similar to a Chinese Fire Drill, but instead of stopping at a red light and running around the car like a little girl, the passenger must climb out of an open window on the car while it is still moving and proceed to climb across the roof of the car and into another open window on the car. This act of bravery and courage gets its name from the world of Lucha Libre where young men who wished to know the secrets of the Luchadors preformed this feat while blindfolded to prove their worth and "badassness". However, as years went by this became a mainstream thing and the blindfolding was phased out. A Mexican Fire Drill is preformed preferably at speeds in excess of 35mph.
Guy 1: Dude why have girls been falling so easily for Billy lately?
Guy 2: Didn't you hear bro? Billy did a Mexican Fire Drill while going 75mph on I-25, and subsequently girls view him as a symbol of pure masculinity and as a viable husband and father.
by Lead_Farmer November 27, 2013
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The preparation for evacuation after eating a gas station burrito.
English: I don't care how many burritos you had, we do not have time for a Mexican Fire Drill.

Spanish: Bano, rapido
by NotEvenHighYet December 28, 2011
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