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Chav slang (with British geordie dialect) for the Metro, local public rail network of the Tyne & Wear region of England.

"Am gan on a metty mission"

Chav/yob slang (with geodie dialect) for:

"I am going on the Metro"

The word mission is added purely out of chav stupidity.
by Matthew Hopkins April 30, 2006
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homeless asian who feeds off dead skin cells of children. He is difficult to find because of his constant camoflague as either a
1. transvestite
2. hormonal woman
3. beached whale
He has been spotted in various parts of the world and is reportedly related to bigfoot, la chupicabra and various spineless fish. The existance of "Metty" is inevitably unknown for anyone who comes into contact with this creature has his pants exploded.
My friend saw a "Metty" last friday and his pants immediately exploded.
by Botzu December 14, 2004
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Supar extra wierd ball who eats children and uses their teeth as a necklace.
<Metty> GUYS
by Kowai November 14, 2004
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A dirty homeless azn who likes to hang with his Critical Ass homies and listen to Iron Maiden. Usually disguised as a fat 45 year old black man.
<Metty> hay c0rran mah homie go listen to iron maiden :3
<Corran> No Metty, You're gay
<Metty> fine
<Metty> be back in 10 mins
<Metty> gonna go jack off over my iron maiden poster
<Metty> come to me steve harris!
by Corran January 03, 2005
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