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A mental illness frequently suffered by baseball fans from Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Symptoms include draping oneself in blue and orange, having delusions of winning the world series and the most frequent and dangerous symptom, choking in the month of September.
I guess that Mets fan is too retarded to figure out his team will never win.
by ekt8750 June 05, 2009
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a die-hard baseball fan who is used to losing, especially against the Yankees. Thier team made it to the world series four times, but thier record is 2-2
Hey, im a mets fan. Im used to it.
by nick March 14, 2005
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A fan of the baseball team The New York Metropolitans, who are usually the most dedicated fans in all of New York. Those who put up with the losing seasons are the best fans of all, and all Yankee fans can go and blow George Steinbrenner.
All Mets fans are true to the orange and blue, and Yankee fans buy overpriced hotdogs.
by Lee N Senaldruin May 20, 2006
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A person who likes to suffer while watching sports and who can watch the first 7 innings feeling so good only to have that feeling ripped out of their heart and crapped on. Chances are watching baseball in august and september is a waste of time.
Who is that sobbing loser in the corner with blue and orange paint running down his face?" "Thats a Mets Fan.
by Tymo1991 May 27, 2011
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People that need to stop obsessing over soprts(it's cool u like sports but some go overboard) and need to get laid.
by idk who August 13, 2006
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People who spend way too much time on Urban Dictionary clicking the thumbs down on the latest factual information regarding their underachieving and boorish New York sports franchise. The fact of the matter is, the Mets had a lucky season in 1986 and have done very little since then. Their claim to fame that season Dwight Gooden cannot keep his nose clean and they continue to play in Shea Stadium in Queens. I have seen the stadium myself and can honestly say it needs to be demolished or turned into a museum. Perhaps the Mets will stop being mediocre and become competitive. It's pathetic that the Braves continue to dominate the National League East, not to mention the fact the Mets can barely compete with a team that was on the brink of folding and a franchise that cannot fill a stadium or keep a team in tact. Mets fans are also used to being pampered by a bias East Coast media which for some odd reason favors them to compete with the Braves for the division title each season.
Mets Fans need to stop spending all of their time on Urban Dictionary and do something productive with their time: Like reading up on next season's projections.
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005
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