Methology is the thought process which goes through a meth users head a spit second before he or she say "hold my pipe or rig or straw an watch this!!! Followed by incarceration or hospitalization or induction in the world record book!Most likely the first one.
Hey Randy how. did you end up in the Cull,an County Jail again?

Randy:You see what happened was my Methology was all wrong.The doctor says iv got chipped chromosomes!!!!
by February 09, 2019
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An idea that only makes sense while on meth.
My neighbor is the head of the D.E.A see that window? In the corner there is a camera and there are cameras exactly like that one in every window, but he dresses like a chef everyday when he leaves his house.
This is a completly METHOLOGICAL idea.
by Dr. tweak September 21, 2009
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A meth addict's penchant for being so disorganized to the point that he/she is always late for everything, and loses their ability to stop doing random activities instead of what they need to do. VERY inefficient use of time.
I knew she'd be late, she's always running on methological time.
by mostdiggity January 08, 2015
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Medieval Greek/Roman science/biological-fantasy fiction written by supposedly-learned scholars who were merely trippin' out on drugs during their periods of scroll-writing, and so their fantastical hieroglyphic tales came primarily from just their own deranged-brain ramblings, rather than being rooted in any historical facts or beliefs.
I have never understood why ancient methology should be a required subject in high school --- what earthly use to the average American is knowledge of morbid-fairly-tale stuff that was written down many centuries ago, especially when it originated in a far-off country and wasn't even true to begin with??
by QuacksO March 03, 2017
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