- The unit of measure for softness. Softness refers to the lack of masculinity or bravery when confronted by females, engaged in sports, or any activity which requires toughness.

- a "meshack" is a point grading system awarded to males who display soft or feminine behavior; also, a "gay meshack" is worth 5 regular meshacks and is rewarded for a straight male who makes a homosexual remark or performs a homosexual act outside of a joking nature.

-once a person has accumulated 10 meshacks, the nearest male must punch the person in his genitals.

--Originated in Pennsylvania
meshack: pronounced "meh-shuck"

-That guy right there is full of meshack man. He went to the club and sat the entire time. AND he's single.

-You get a meshack for that. I cant believe you didn't grind on any biddies.
by zero40 July 14, 2011
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Meshack is an alternate spelling of the Babylonian name, Meshach. Meshach is a hybrid word, taken from Hebrew and Babylonian properly as Mi-sha-aku, meaning "Who is like Aku (Babylonian god of the moon)?" or "Who is as Aku is?". Meshach's Hebrew name, Mishael, means “Who is like God?”.
Meshack is an alternate spelling of Meshach, a Babylonian name given to Mishael, one of Daniel's Hebrew friends in the Bible.
by SonGokuh November 21, 2017
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