Myself: Sometimes confused (wrongly) with Missef, which isn't a real word. Those people look at Yissef and think they can put it in the first person.
I'm gonna go make meself some lunch
by Ozymandias February 13, 2005
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I love Meself.
by RedFinger221 March 13, 2022
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Absolutely exquisite way to inform your peers of your self-defecation. Scottish people are more likely to use this sentence
Person 1: I poo'd myself
Person 2: Ew you're disgusting

Person 3: I shat meself
Person 4: Lets go to my place
by cadenza-urb December 20, 2021
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The only way Jake can refer to himself
Jake: “it’s just how I express meself
by Fuckedupconnected September 17, 2021
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