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meaning "the aura of". This is a rare name and the holders of this name are usually uniqe personalities; they tend to take time to realize that they don't need to look for happiness because it was there the whole time and to detatch themselves from this is a very unwise decision. These "mesbahs" also need to learn that friends are a very important part of life, some mesbahs are very lucky because they attract very good friends that understand the meaning of "mesbah"...we can only hope these rare beings will be helped by their great friends and realize the truth.
mesbah omid would mean the aura of hope

joe says: nick has a mesbah of good- friendness that i wouldn't want to lose.

literal meaning: nick has an aura of good- friendess that i wouldnt want to lose.
by nickynickdevdevy May 16, 2010
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