Just like it's used to describe common celebrations like Christmas and Easter, it refers to a party involving people coming together to have a good time and participating in the events and activities, usually invloving in music, sex, drugs and alcohol, that are taking place at a persons home.
Apparantely everyone is merrymaking up at some hussey's house tonight over in Alfredon, be there or be square.
by benjiUØCH August 26, 2007
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(Noun) An educator of gifted individuals that specializes in teaching the fine art of merriment, drinking and all things jolly.
Jacqueline is the first “mentor of merrymaking” to participate in the 40 year old gifted parents spring winery tour and deck party.
by kerb-stirer September 20, 2014
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A person who revels in a festive party.
A merrymaker would be a person as excited and marry as the host at her 20th birthday costume party, which happens to be going wonderfully & every one shows up wearing a costume.

Even without the whole costume part, a marrymaker is someone who indulges in unrestrained, noisy, rowdy, and fun environments.
by bfeather January 6, 2010
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