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Merisas are very quiet people. After you get to know them though they break out of there shell and let loose!! They r crazy awesome party animals, and have a great sense of humor! But bewear don't get a Merisa mad or she will tear u apart!! She also is good friends with Beccas, and CALI IS HER FAVORITE PERSON EVER ;)
1) Merisa is AWEOMSE

2) she is do funny

3) we should be friends

Cali) beware she is mine!!
by Calibabe March 13, 2013
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This word, has many meanings, one of the most common translation being "of the sea". This name (In certain cases) sounds just like the pronounciation of "marrissa" but, do not be fooled.
She was a woman, Merisa. (Of the sea)
by Merisa April 21, 2005
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Merisa is a beautiful, intelligent, and fun girl. SHe is a forensics person, is in love with Deigo(If I spelled the name wrong, I'm sorry) Is one of my best friends. Is awsome. I can always count on her. I love her!
Dude! Merisa is a legend at our school!

Merisa is so beautiful!

Did you check out that corset Merisa has?
by Lesa Peterson April 21, 2005
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A real bitch with a giant ass nose. A shorty and should be avoided at all costs, especially if you want to keep your sanity.
Guy 1: "Who's that bitch with the Squidward nose?"
Guy 2: "that's obviously Merisa."
Guy 1: "Oh I should have known."
by Sausage_and_Meatballs May 09, 2018
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