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Meri is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She's caring, kind, and an awesome friend. Her beauty is adored by everyone and guys practically drool over her. In one word a Meri is perfect. If you are lucky enough to find one in your lifetime hold onto her and never let her go because Meri's are extremely rare to come across not just because of their gorgeous features, but the heart that lies beneath them.
That girl is definitely a Meri because she's perfect in every way.

Dayummm that girl must be a Meri cause she is fine
by cesishot June 02, 2010
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Meris are sassy ,smart and sarcastic. They are some of the most beautiful women you will meet but they don't realise. As well as that they are loyal and will protect you at all costs. Never get on the wrong side of a meri because she will always have her squad by her side. Meris are also hilarious they laugh at the silliest of thing and are always smiling. If you have a meri in your life hold tight and don't let go.
Persons 1: who's that girl over there . She's really beautiful.
Person 2:she's got to be a meri I mean look at her smile.
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by MC hazza December 14, 2018
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a supafly girl who is good at everything, including sewing, the guitar, and holding her liquor.
-Dude, did you see that meris? i bet she wails on the guitar.
-No doubt. I want a little meris in my life.
by rhcp2154 September 24, 2008
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Meri is one of the best people you will ever meet. She is kind, caring, funny and so trustworthy. She would do anything to help anyone. She is such a good listener and will drop everything to make sure you're doing ok. She is so sweet and such a bean. Meri is just absolutely perfect in every way possible. If you're lucky enough to know a Meri keep her close its really difficult to find genuinely amazing person like her. People can sometimes take for granted knowing a Meri which is so stupid. Meri just always makes everyone happy and always makes everyone smile and laugh even if she doesn't realise it. She has such a positive impact on people and just brings joy to everyone around her. Meri's always give the best hugs and have a great smile that would light up a room. Meri is also the best girlfriend of all time. Meri is also so beautiful, adorable and cute and everyone should be very thankful to know her.
person 1: shes just so adorable, cute and perfect

person 2: she has to be a Meri
by i'll eat ur toes May 23, 2020
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she is a girl who is an absolute unsnacc. the opposite of snacc, because that do be how it is.
guy: yoooo that girl meri shes such an unsnacc bro
guy 2 : right??? shes such an unsnacc like damn
by dontlookfly October 18, 2018
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