The act of figuring out why the world is fucked up, but that you can't do anything about it... but bitch and moan!!!

See Intellectual Jizz
I know what to do about the middle east situation

Dude stop. That is just Mental Masturbation.
by Equites April 10, 2004
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Manipulating usually flirtatiously yet without doing any actual sexual acts in order to get what you want.

AKA: ‘Hoeing without using your holes’
Just send a pretty girl to go scoop up that check. He won’t tell her no...
#mental masturbation
by FreakyFelonFriday February 6, 2021
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The term coined by the promising new hope of psychology. Christopher, the surefire future of psychological theory, defines this term as the psychosexual pleasure that one receives from playing mind games with others. Christopher is a godsend to psychology.
I am, however, at the point in my life where I do not need to subject myself to the “mental masturbation” which envelopes your games.
by Sigmund Hylkema December 24, 2007
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the act of engaging in intelligent and interesting conversation purely for the enjoyment of your own greatness and individuality. Subjects range from obscure lp's to cultural movements in preindustrial societies. Either delivered through grand monlogues or subtle conversation orientation, it links large words and random references resulting in nothing acually being communicated.
Though the influence of Ric Okasisk was quite evident within Weezer's blue album, rivers coumo domination of the lyrical form seem quite evident in Pinkerton
by Robert finkle February 19, 2005
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When someone gets turned on with only the images the person thinks of in their head.
By the look of their face, I can tell they're currently mental masturbating.
by The Big Thicc August 14, 2019
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A person who is not trying to enlighten anyone, they're trying to prove how intelligent they are without understanding the intelligence of their audience. They never get to understand their audience because they're to busy concentrating on their next brilliant statement.
I looked around the class and seen the look of confusion. Professor Smith is a mental masturbator. He is mentally masturbating over the heads of his students.
by tahirjahi July 4, 2010
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Overly intensive self gratifying procrastination, thought and contemplation for a subject not necessarily warranting such effort.

"Let's quit the mental masturbation here, its a waste of time..."
by Diamond Tee April 9, 2009
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