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The person that could be lost through the crowd but once you meet her she can’t be lost and will glow through everybody else. She’s a type of person to bring the best parts of you to person. Menna is the best thing that’ll happen in your life. For all the happiness she brings there’s one thing that could hurt you more than anything. Her leaving, she’s an amazing person and once you know her you won’t regret it no matter what happens she’s there for help because she’s a great person. Menna is beautiful inside and out and if you meet one then don’t mess things up
Oh man, I just met a Menna
by Pepe Vasquez November 22, 2017
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A person who is cheeky, mischievous and very pretty! Most people with the name Menna are known to be a tomboy! Menna is also very popular and won't let things get in her way!
Person 1: you don't wanna mess with that Menna!
Person 2: oh I'm such a girly girl I wanna be a Menna!
Person 3: omg she is sooo pretty!
by Moobag milkshake August 07, 2015
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A not so clever girl but is beautiful and everyone wants her and cant resist by flirting with her.
She is tough, a tomboy who can stay strong from anything and doesn't like to stay normal.
Pretty and fit, this girl is strong on the inside, and outside. <3
Im such a girly girl, I think ill be a menna for the week!
by Marceline, the vampire November 26, 2013
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a dramatic representation of university students who think it's a better idea to be a prostitute than to try to get an education.
University is sooo hard. I think I'm going to pull a Menna... BJs on the corner
by Menna guurrlls January 28, 2012
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