He likes to play around allot, may not seem like it but he does care for others. He's smart but dose not like to try when it comes to school. He's an easy person to talk to and can relate to your problems. You'll hate him at the start of your friendship but if you hang on you'll love him. He's a heart warming guy and only picks few people to be his friends, but if he says your his "Best-friend" dont take it for granted cause he really means it.
Look its Menelik he's goofing off again
by JUST A HELPER February 10, 2019
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The name given to a starving Ethiopian child who has a great future in the drug world.
Boy 1: Damn look at this kid Menelik
Boy 2: He looks straight outta Ethiopia
Boy 1: Yeah he looks so starved
Boy 2: Lets be honest, he could totally be a drug lord.
by Neymar Jr Yajnik December 1, 2015
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