The very fine varietal marijuana grown in Mendocino County, California.
"Man, smokin' that Mendo last night got me so high I almost had sex with a tree."
by CoyoteGrrl August 31, 2006
tottaly hot drummer from general conspiracy, total sex on legs.
mendo is so fine, i just want a piece of that ass, he is so hot.
by some hot babe July 16, 2006
A collection of quality organic medicinal cannabis grown by Gregg Stringer in Mendocino County California.
Gregg's Mendo Blendo is the best bud mix available.
by Zot64 March 28, 2018
a marijuana cigar rolled with a paper made from hash
im gonna puff on dis mendo blunt right now cuddy
by pimp pep December 5, 2011
Mendo kids are kids who go to either Mendocino Grammar, middle, or high school. They have very fun loving personalities and are easy to get along with. They're usually found smiling, dancing, singing, painting, etc etc. Mendo kids are like one big family, not 10 different cliques. They love earth and love to have fun. They're usually out going and make great jokes. They're also usually very attractive, but not all of them. They have an incredible sense of fashion and great hair (well most do...) They don't like picking fights, but they love sports, like lacrosse and volleyball and soccer and football. They don't mind Fort Braggers, even if they are usually fags.
Fort Bragg kids are so lame, I think It's time we start hanging out with some Mendo Kids!
by Iknowwhoyourmomis! March 20, 2009
A variety of 3 different kinds of outdoor grown marijuana from Mendecino county. Usually the leftover scraps from 3 different strains thrown together to get more money for them all together.
That Berkenstock storm trooper just sold me a pound of Mendo Blendo for 2000 dollars
by KeepWalking January 26, 2009
Stick a pop can in a womans vagina, open it, and then drink it while eating out her vagina.
Dan wants to give Autumn a "Mendo Xpress".
by SnugZ August 19, 2008