A cool band with even cooler hair!
Did you see Memo 71 last night? They had the raddest hair ever!
by Usuehdidusbdjdushsjsizg November 22, 2021
When you don't have any paper, so you write something you're supposed to remember on your arm.
Person 2: My number is 222-2222
Person 1: Shit, I don't have any paper, I'll just Ghetto Memo it.
by Kid_Savage October 3, 2016
Someone who memorizes someone else's debit card code to use it irl or online without having the physical card.
It can also be someone who secretly writes down the code on a note and keeps it.
- "How the f*ck did you buy all this?!!"
- "I stole my bf's debit card, wrote down his code and pulled it back in his wallet." *winks*
- "OMFG you are such a memo money bitch!"
by ARMYhyung2k13 May 31, 2018
a catalog or collection of memos contributes to background information weeks, months, and years into the future
"It looks like Sharon found a memo-ry lapse in our documented process. Bill, write a memo to fill in the memo-ry gap."
by Flipper58 April 14, 2022
Memo is emo with an m. Basically a middle school emo. They splatter their converse with red paint, tell you its ur mom's blood. then show you a particular spot and say, "thats my real blood...wanna touch it?" They wear slipnot hoodies and drag out your name ex bob becomes aaayooo baaaaaab. goes around bragging to evryone that they are emo and say, " imagine not self-harming" Most of them r fake. And then theres the usual," oh im so pooor...i live in a damn one bedroom apartment.." but littrly they shop at hottopic and have all the best clothes...no wonder they poor amiright? So basically, these middle schol emos be actual memes...memos
That absolute memo (mEE-moh) just let me write my name in permanent marker on their forehead!
by sussy amogus March 11, 2022