1. A phrase worthy of being a meme (The phrase is "memeingful")
2. A meme that means a lot to you.
"Emily, your favorite movie is Shrek?"
"Yeah, Shrek is so memeingful to me!"
by MarvelousStew December 11, 2015
A word only to be used for the top notch memes. When a meme reaches its peak and has an actual impact it becomes memeingful.
Person 1: This is the best meme I have ever seen!
Person 2: Yes it is quite memeingful.
by Purpleslug July 16, 2018
A meme created for a purpose that goes beyond entertaining its audience. This type of meme is valuable and meaningful in that it conveys a message that is both important and relevant to current issues in politics or government.
Person 1: "Did you see the reddit post where they turned a clip from that old movie Airplane and captioned the hysterical lady with coronavirus quotes?"

Person 2: "Yeah, that was the most memeingful post I've seen all week."
by HisDudenessElDude July 21, 2020
When a meme meets you exactly where you are in life and gives you all the feels.
That meme you posted the other day was so memeingful for me.
by Thechich January 22, 2022