Probably likes Ed Sheeran and bad songs like shape of you
Me: Melody, do you know what shape this is?
Melody Su: *sings Shape of You*
by vxzions September 12, 2022
The fact that “each sentence is a melody” because we say each syllable of each word in a different tone, which translates to a different musical note. We also say each syllable in a different volume.
The fact that each sentence is a melody because each word you said because each syllable of each word is said in a different tone, a different musical note.
by but for June 12, 2022
Melody En means beautiful girl and "MONGOLIIN HAMGIIN MUNDAG ENGENE". If u ever see girl named Melody En, just say that you really want to be like her. If u say that, she will be the happiest girl in this earth.
You are literally Melody En. You ared doing great for Enhypen.

She cant be Melody En. She doesn"t even buy Enhypen albums.
by melody en November 21, 2021
A wonderful girl with a great personality, always up for a good laugh and there for everyone.
She is never alone as she has many friends around her and will never leave them. she has wonderful long blonde hair and a smile that lights up a room when she walks in it. Her personality is amazing and can make anyone want to become her friend and will buy amazing presents.
She has a wonderful smile she must be Melody-Mai
by Goldheart May 21, 2018
Melody Peng is a B-Ball GOD, but always gets hurt so she is never able to play any sports. She is very clumsy, once when she broke her ankle and it was finally getting better she fell down the stair twice in one day. Melody Peng is very funny and sarcastic. she always will say "Bahandashinskin" Melody looks great as a fat crazy french chef. Melodies friends are usually named Maya, Avery, and Gabby. Melody is usually asian. Melody's face is the roundest face in the world.
by Itzz_mymy April 24, 2019