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A very beautiful girl.who everyone likes, Often the most special person you will ever meet.
Very intelligent,Athletic,funny,popular,etc... She will be the best friend you will ever have. She also will often be the most beautiful girl in school.
random person:do u know meika?

other random person: DUH!
by someone12345678912345 April 19, 2009
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She has a very beautiful smile and always knows how to make you laugh. She may be a bitch and very judgemental at times but she will always have your back. Meika is also very sweet on the inside she is also a massive flirt and is really good on giving advice.
Where is Meika, I need to talk to her.
by uglyaf:( June 09, 2019
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Hot sexy asian!
All the guys want her.
She is a freak in the sheets and she is going to be best friends with a girl named Kayla her whole entire life!!
I want me some Meikaaa!
by Kaybeeeee June 04, 2008
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She rarely showers. She's got swagg. She wears fifty million rings with chipped nailpolish. At one point, she wanted to be a caterpillar when she grew up. And was likely wolverine for halloween. She raps everything. But is very white.
Steph: Hey wanna get some shots?
Meika: Yo slut. Where yo money at. Cuz I ain't payin fo yo draaank.
by businesssocks November 08, 2011
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a girl who you hate that gets dragged along the ground this is called a slug.

who's that slug meika ?
by bobbling2919 June 06, 2017
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