1. One who is dark and hairy with a look of a creeper
2. One who spends many hours on facebook stalking girls.
3. A creeper.
1. Dude that guy across the street is such a mehul!
2. I've had 15 mehuls look at my profile pictures today!
3. The police responded immediately to a report of a mehul in a no trespassing area.
by koreaninja November 30, 2010
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a tosser who owns earth 2025 he is a lazy bum who couldnt make his game properly so sometimes even when you over send u fail ur land grab
u need 200k jets to break a target even with no allies or tech he bounces you when you sent 300k
by trainboy April 19, 2005
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Tall Indian boy whose name means rain. The one to make you laugh even with his poor jokes. Has a great knowledge of science, history, mythology and yes, MEMES. The expert in Computer Programming and a complete MUNner. Loves food and music, especially rock, like Linkin Park. Every girl's dream but still single.
Mehul: What do you a call a fake noodle?
Random Friend: What? A Foodle?
Mehul: No
Mehul: .........
Random Friend: ............
Random Friend: DIE !!!!

Mehul is Cool. Wow! That rhymes too.
by hypobromite October 03, 2017
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