"I dont care", or "I'm bored", or "I dont wanna", or "I dont feel like replying."
tommy: What do you wanna do?

julian: stare at a wall!! Zat sound fun?

tommy: meh.
by liz&asiaroflpotatozzzzzz July 31, 2009
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The sound a cat makes when it wants attention, as opposed to 'meow', 'rrow', or 'mow'.
More often than not a cat will repeat 'meh' several times in a row to attract attention to themselves.
(Kiki is walking by Billy the cat and standing next to her food and water bowls.)
Billy: Meh, meh, meh, meehhhhhh, mehhhhhhhhhh!!!
Kiki: Billy wants meh?
Billy: Meh!
by dr. kiki October 28, 2009
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1. Can be used whenever you want to make someone confused and confuzzledCan be used as the answer to any question asked, in any situation.
2. usually used worldwide by teenagers to piss off their parents. usually causing the parents to scream with fustration and the kid to feel great satisfaction that 1 word can cause to much grief to a parent
1.Person#1: Oh, fuck! that guy just got crushed by a huge boulder !
Person#2: Meh.
2.parent: You need to clean your room
kid: meh
parent: you'll be late for school!
kid: meh
parent: for fucks sake wil you get up off your arse all you do is sit there all day!!
kid: meh
by ~*~ meh ~*~ February 19, 2004
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what you say when you really dont give a shit or have nothing else to say
by omenboy June 19, 2003
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(M-e-h), Is THE word when there are no words. It can be used to describe how you're feeling, what something's like, a sound effect, can be used as a decleration of frustration or if you just can't be bothered speaking when someone asks you stuff.
Person 1 - 'hey, how was your day'
Person 2 - 'Meh!'

Person 1 - 'i won £9000 on the lottery, but then lost it all playing backgammon'
Person 2 - 'Mmmmeh!'
by bananaramapirate January 15, 2010
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A word to be used to answer anything and everything. It holds the answer to the truths and it is an answer when you don't give two shits.
Person A: "What is the point of our existance"
Person B: "Meh..."
Person A: "Damnit, either you know and won't tell me, or you don't give two shits."
Person B: "Meh.."
Tell me you couldn't find atleast 50 answers in there.
by Lhunmoth November 21, 2004
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