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scottish; mainly spoken by dundee people (dundonians) meaning pie, usually a scotch pie

can also refer to female genitalia
'how much is that mince peh?'

'she has a right hairy peh'
by *Ashley*Smith* April 01, 2008
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A variation of the classic 'meh', except used to indicate even more dismissal or an uncaring attitude towards the context. As 'meh' can have many subtle meanings, but with the most obvious one being a verbal shrug of the shoulders, 'peh' is more strictly meaning "yeah, whatever, I don't care".
Parent: You need to do your homework tonight
You: peh
Parent: I mean it. And tommorow you need to clean your room.
You: Peh
Parent: If you keep saying that you are grounded mister!
You: peh
by Peter Setters October 21, 2007
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A word used to express disgust or disdain; another way of saying "Whatever!"
Corporate Rock Whore: Hey, did you hear the new Nickelback album yet? It's awesome!

Indie 4 Life: Nickelback? P'eh! You've gotta listen to Nada Surf. Now that's real music!
by baldindierocker July 08, 2011
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the #1 word to know of the anti-dookies
-peh!!! (sounds like pii!!!!)
-pwiiyyyy (the squealing peh) aka jeremy peh
-peeeh peeh peh (out of breath peh)
by kwanza May 03, 2005
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The character sequence "Peh" is an onomatopoeia which means that it signifies a noise that one would emit. This noise would be the act of spitting to the ground (as if spitting on the forementioned subject of verbal debate). The other sound it implies is an quick exasperated emission of air past the lips in disbelief or annoyance, the latter is usually accompanied by squinting eyes at the subject and shrugging one's shoulders slightly.
Freshman:"Dude, this biology homework is such total crap. wtf is wrong with our fat teacher?!"

Mother:"Go to bed right now, you aren't doing homework your IMing!
Son: "Peh?! *sigh*"
by 5p3nx0r May 24, 2004
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Peh is an alternative form of sighing, and also takes the same form as meh given that it has 2 meanings.
A: I feel so down.. *peh*
B: Do you want some of my drink? *peh* *meh*
by Silentbob00uk March 07, 2004
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