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A girl who's all about that bass. She thinks that men should be treated as second-class citizens ; They should jump through hoops just to please her, but she can treat them poorly.
Boy 1: Oh my god, that girl is so hot!
Boy 2: Don't date her! I heard that she's such a Meghan Trainor.
by Justin Galaxy March 23, 2015
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A longer way of saying facts or fax. It is used when you agree with something, or it is undeniably true.
A: Beyoncé should have beat Adele at the Grammys.
B: Only fax no printer!
by Justin Galaxy January 8, 2018
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A goldfish girl is like that one girl in kindergarten that always had goldfish in her teeth. she always had a very distinct personality and for some reason it was sometimes she would spit all over and her goldfish guts would get on you.
Stella is such a goldfish girl I can’t.
by Justin Galaxy May 8, 2021
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