A state of anti-socialism while in a crowded place. The prime position for meging is to be sitting in a corner, to have hunched shoulders, and to hold your phone relatively close to your face. Finally, you type "I love meging" over and over again to pretend you are in an intense and interesting conversation and to avoid having physical contact with others.
SK: "Meghan do you-"
MM: "Oh! Look I got a text!"
SK: "Oh look at her meging again..."
by Meging lover December 16, 2011
In a state of anti-socialness while in a crowded or lively area.
Hey, stop meging your bumming everyone out
by tsulliksi December 9, 2011
woah this mege guy is cool
by megey October 12, 2020
A name of a good person with a good sens og humor. Talks about random stuff.
Look overthere, MEge is there.

She is so funny and random
by assasins for cake September 20, 2018
pure boy, he wants to protect for all costs, and he can sacrifice for youv
meged sacrificed for her
by dsgzsdfhdsz January 26, 2018
Person;or persons whom try and try only to make a fool of themselves when they dont succeed.
"That silverman boy struck out again,he is such a megee
by henrodo November 9, 2003
Fuckface Megee

A random word that was probably created by a 10 year old.
Can be alternated as ballsack megee,or shithead megee.
Ugh, John why do you have to be such a fuckface megee?!

Tell Donny that he is a shithead megee.
by caligulasAquarium May 3, 2014