A name meaning something cool or pro, a fun name to use when happy
by Philly Bobby February 19, 2009
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Meepo is a word used to describe a creep, if a person is internet creeping there are a meepo.
That guy I went out with was a meepo, he internet stalked me before he arrived.
by I am always rightio July 1, 2017
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The Meepos is a wolf-like creature, traveling in packs and following only one leader throughout their lives. Living in dense forests, these creatures consume an omnivorous diet. Vastly more intelligent than other wolf kinds, the Meepos has been observed using primitive tools such as rocks or sticks to aid them. The Meepos also use a variety of body language to communicate with its kind.

They are quite literally walking memes.
Spooky: "Are those gullin-copying Meepo (Species) again?"
Sleepy: "You are a meepo, Spooky"
Fuyu: "*Thonking*"
by Princess-Doughnut December 1, 2018
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A sex act in which between 3 and 5 smegma ridden male dwarves participate in a gangbang with a single woman or man.

The term 'Meepo' originates from the DotA 2 hero who splits into 5 separate units. Meepo is known as a 'cheesy' hero in DotA 2 due to the specific circumstances in which he is picked.
Ended up having a Cheesy Meepo last night, still can't get the smell out of my hair!
by SharonPeach August 21, 2018
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