What a female pussy looks like after taking a lot of cock.
Never had sex? That meat tent says you're taking 2 dicks together ever night
by Hvaccess April 22, 2016
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The little tent made from bed sheets by the hard-on of a guy lying on his back underneath them. This is most commonly associated with adolescent males experiencing erotic dreams that often result in nocturnal emissions, but ANY male capable of an erection can "put up a meat tent" while in bed.
The other night I had a hot dream about my wife and woke up with a giant meat tent going on. I mean, it was like the big top! You could've had a circus in there!
by Andrew June 21, 2006
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A meat tent is the kind of ruined and baggy mess left of a bum hole when a predatory Glaswegian homosexual has finished having a go at it.
Example "oooooft I can hardly sit down. I got fisted in a sex swing last night and now have a bum like a meat tent"
by CliveSinclair98 February 21, 2014
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Another meaning for a women's vagina.
When she says she has only slept with a few guys, but her meat tent tells another story.
by Capt Meat Tent July 11, 2016
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