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White people version of saying making a meal that will last a couple days after it is made aka to black people it’s leftovers
Megan I’m about to meal Prep for me and the kids
by IG:mmgmember December 17, 2018
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1: A group of mulitple attractive individuals. The plural form of a snack, an entree and other food references for attractive individuals.

2: An attractive BBW ( Big Beautiful Woman. Plus sized. Over a size 14 . Thick.)
1: Did you see that squad goals pic? Looking like a whole week of meal prep, just fineness everywhere

2. Jill Scott, Jazmin Sullivan, Queen Latifah some of the finest African American meal preps!
by ShortestGiant May 24, 2018
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the act of bringing in your own food to work, even if you didn't prep food for the whole week
I don't need to buy lunch today, I meal prepped.
by davidaatwork March 21, 2019
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