Mead is an alternative term for water and can be paired to anything liquid and consumable.
Dairy Mead being milk
Poison Mead being milk
Solid Mead being Ice.
Tead being Tea
C'eed being coffee
Potato starch extract mead being Vodka, and so on

And actual Mead (Honey-Wine) is known as water.
Sach: "I've got anti-mead mouth"
Conor:" Head have some mead to quench your thirst"
by Lieutenant Colonel Mead August 19, 2011
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NOT A DRINK; but a sexy kind of marymounter
by Emily December 03, 2004
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A honey-based alcoholic drink from medieval times, often drank today by nerds who play Warhammer, medieval re-enactment knights who think they're actually living in the middle ages, and goths with an interest in both areas.
Here now, who wants a serving of mead? I'm sorry, we have no beer or vodka within these walls. Just mead. Pass me your goblet and I'll pour you some.
by Grazzl March 03, 2004
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Me. Captain Birseyepenisdildoh4x0r
My references Part 1
by MeAd November 04, 2003
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A Meads is commonly a person that is quite shy at first but when you get to know them they come out of their shell a lot, these people also tend to be quite simple minded and will not take into account other peoples opinions, this means that they will always think they are right in what they say. Despite all that they are funny people who will kill you with laughter from their stupidity alone but embrace it. Outside a Meads will not appear shy until approached personally, this meaning that they will dance around singing TREYWAY with zero fucks given. They are also very protective of their friend groups and will resort to pushing bitches out the way if necessary and tend to ignore advice even though it may be better for them. At the end of the day they will always come through and be there for their friends to be that laugh when needed.
Person one:"That guy is a muppet,but he's kinda jokes still xD"
Person 2"Yeah mate he must be a meads"
Meads: "It's fucking Treyway!!!"
by Dierby4loaf October 29, 2018
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