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MeToo once started as a noble cause to expose gross sexual misconduct in the professional world and Hollywood against Women. But like everything else we enjoy in the 21st century, it has been hijacked and turned into something counter-productive and against the original meaning. MeToo has now devolved into a character assassination Feminazi weapon used to smear the reputation of any man they deem not worthy of the life they have worked to create. The best examples are the recent smears against Aziz Ansari and Shaun White. Rational people know this is a witch-hunt, but the lamestream media loves MeToo because it falls perfectly into line with their Anti-Trump/Oppression narrative.
CNN News: Aziz Ansari took a young woman on a date who had been contacting him extensively. After they had consensual sexual relations, she soon regretted it and remembered what her Feminist friends told her, "Regret means rape! He's a pig!"...... We as journalists at CNN could never understand why a young woman would contact a famous celebrity, so everybody should attack Aziz Ansari! This is the MeToo Movement!

Normal person: So If I take a person on a date and they agree to sex, but regret it the next day, I am a rapist? I don't know if I can trust CNN anymore, or any other part of the mainstream media for that matter.

Feminazi: OMG!!!!!!! You disgusting, Patriarch supporting, Woman raping pig! How dare you question the validity of a random woman accusing a celebrity!?!?! RAPE CULTURE!!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!! MY BODY IS NOT YOUR SEX TOY!!!!

Normal person: Ok, I am going to walk away now....

Feminazi! RAPE!!!! RAPE!!!!!!

Normal person 2: Don't worry, shes just a feminazi, and was likely rejected by her crush recently

Normal person: Ok cool I got worried for a second, wanna duo in fortnite later?

Normal person 2: Hell yea!
by IonlyspeakFAXX February 15, 2018
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A type of new aged, feminist movement aimed to bring shame and punishment amongst men for their sexual wrongdoings.

In reality it is used by enraged neofeminazis to accuse a man of rape, harassment, or assualt for consensual sexual/non-sexual acts that turned out to be not so great in the eyes of said woman.

Instead of bringing justice to actual sexual harassers, these women have made men scared to even give them a handshake, hug, or compliment, without fear of being accused for rape.
Feminist 1 - I hugged my boss at the Christmas Party last week and he told me I looked great. I have never felt so taken advantage of in my whole life. I think I might press charges.

Feminist 2 - Omg!! Me too, if that was me I would totally sue him for everything he has!! What a gross inhumane pig! lets include this in the #Metoo Movement!
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by FkaFeminism February 04, 2018
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When someone is in the bathroom and you urgently need to take a dump.
Martha: “Ted! You need to get your ass out of the bathroom soon so I can take a MeToo Movement!”
Ted: “ Yes’m...”
by Chili2 February 24, 2019
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